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Create your time capsule on the Moon

With our uploader, we allow you to have your own space in space. Thanks to our original solution, you may send anything you want straight to the Moon (as long as it has a digital form) for only 0.99 $. Be yourself and share your amazing story with the Moon.

What can you upload?

It really depends on you. We encourage diversity – show what is truly important to you (it can be a document, a video or a photo). Send your favourite song, write a poem, upload your wedding film. We’re waiting for your stories.

How can you do this?

It’s easy. First of all, choose the files you want to add to your personal capsule. Then our uploader will check the size of your data and you will know how much sending your message will cost. If you accept it, you can easily go straight to PayPal. Et voila! It’s done!

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