Data collection is the main goal of every mission in Space

Data Server on the Moon Technologic solution

Construction of the data server on the Moon is one of our main focuses. The mission of the Martian rover “Opportunity” proved that it’s essential to have a Data Center in space. Collecting data is every space mission’s main goal. When flash memory fails, the computer on the rover’s board cannot save data. We are aware that security of all data in space sector is now a necessity and we decided to take part in this adventure. ShootCapsule will be the first to launch a product of this kind in space.

  • The main part of the system would be the server. Intended for a long-term use and at maximum capacity available at the time of launch.

  • Another essential element would be power supply, allowing the server and communication module to work. Batteries and cooling system are also crucial to our project – our priority is to ensure that power is indeed supplied and that the data storage does not overheat.

  • Also, we cannot forget about one of the main functions of our server – communication. We need the entire system of satellites to provide a stable connection with any place on or around the Moon.

  • Additionally, we must remember about the shield isolating the server from the Sun and small physical objects.

We are aware that we have a very difficult challenge ahead of us. The Moon is only the first step in our journey. For sure, our plan is to increase the number of servers in Space, but this depends on expansion of the Space sector. Data is one of the most important things in this process so, in my opinion, development and construction of solutions to data storage are necessary.
-Patrick Gajda, CEO & Founder ShootCapsule