1. Who’s behind all of this?

    ShootCapsule – a Polish company with entirely private capital, established to create the first lunar database as well as a digital time capsule.

  2. What’s it all about?

    Our aim is to create a data server on the Moon that will serve a dual purpose. On the one hand, it will be the first digital time capsule, allowing millions of people from all over the world to commemorate themselves and their accomplishments in a simple way and at a very affordable price. It’s our marketing concept. On the other hand, it will be the first data server in space, built using state-of-the-art technology.

  3. And what about the safety of the data? Where do you store it?

    Until we’re able to place it on the surface of the Moon, the data will be stored on a secure server on Earth with no possibility of anyone accessing it.

  4. Who’s going to build the rocket?

    The rocket along with the capsule is going to be constructed and launched by a private company.

  5. What if the mission of delivering the data server to the Moon fails?

    We take all risks into consideration, that’s why there will be more than one copy of the server built. The whole operation will be insured and the copy of all data sent by our users via our space capsule will be stored on Earth until we’re able to confirm the capsule has safely landed on the surface of the Moon.

  6. What happens to the data stored in the cloud once the capsule lands on the Moon?

    Once the secure landing of equipment has been confirmed, the data stored on Earth will be permanently deleted.

  7. Electronic devices are sensitive to magnets and the magnetic field in space is very strong – can this affect hardware?

    Electronic equipment sensitive to cosmic rays and strong electromagnetic radiation, which can be found in Van Allen’s belts on the way to the Moon, will of course be sufficiently protected. During server construction we use state-of-the-art technology to minimize any risk.

  8. How many servers will you launch?

    It depends on the success of the project and on the development of the cosmic sector. We believe that our venture has solid foundations and we expect the number of servers launched into space will increase with time. Our marketing project in the form of a time capsule will be terminated once our the server is sent to space.

  9. Have you asked any scientists for help?

    Scientific consultations regarding technical parameters and protection of our equipment against damage are carried out on regular basis due to the importance of the project and all difficulties associated with it. Constant testing is an obligatory part of the whole project.

  10. But aren’t you littering the Moon?

    Taking into account the development of space industry and analysing all that’s going on in this sector, we know that data servers are a necessary piece of the puzzle. By using our server as the first digital time capsule in space, we’d like to give something to the international community. We’d like to present every person in the world with a chance to leave a mark, because we deeply believe each of us deserves that.

  11. Do I need a currency account to pay for adding files to the capsule through your website?

    No, you don’t. You can pay via PayPal or by entering your payment card details.

  12. Can anyone access the files I send to the capsule?

    No. After a transaction is accepted, files are placed in a separate directory in the cloud which has a write-only option enabled – its content cannot be read.

  13. Does this mean I cannot change my mind and delete my files from the capsule?

    We may request to delete a particular folder in the cloud if you insist, but since we do not take any personal details from you, this may be a complicated and time-consuming task. So please – consider this carefully.

  14. And what if I’d like these files in the future to be easily associated with me?

    It’s simple – either sign them or include a text file with any information you wish to convey.

  15. How can I be sure anyone will actually find it?

    We’re almost 100% certain that by the year 2030, first bases will be created on the surface of the Moon. The landing site of our equipment will be in the area where the first bases are planned to be built. It’s well known that some parts of the Moon are better suited for that than others – due to terrain or easy access to solar energy. If we do not know the exact location of any base at the time we launch our equipment, we’ll choose the most probable location – even if the first base is built elsewhere, the probability that there will be another base built there eventually is much higher than for a randomly selected part of the Moon.

  16. How much data can I send to the time capsule?

    There’s no limit – you can send more “packages” to the capsule until it’s 100% full.

  17. My file exceeds 100MB. Do I have to split it into parts?

    Not necessarily. If you want to send files that exceed this limit, contact us using the form. We will prepare an individual offer for you.

  18. Which file formats are allowed and which are not?

    Theoretically, you can send whatever you want to (of course provided that it doesn’t violate the law), as long as it is a computer file. We have no insight into that. But you have to think carefully – we’re not able to include all software known to humanity on the computers sent to read the data. That would be impossible. We therefore recommend sticking to popular formats: audio and video files, images, text files in open formats (.txt, .rtf, or .pdf), and if compressed, .zip is recommended. If you’d like to brag about your best result in a game, take a screenshot instead of sending a file of the saved game.

  19. Can you tell me more about your certificate?

    Our certificate is a proof that you’ve bought yourself a place in our time capsule. Each one is provided with a unique serial number that corresponds to your transaction.

  20. And what about viruses?

    Viruses need an operating system to do any damage. We’ll choose one that will allow us to minimize the risk of any viruses wreaking havoc in your files.

  21. Where did the idea of creating a data server on the surface of the Moon come from?

    The idea was considered from the very beginning of ShootCapsule. We’ve had many conversations with various investors and the conclusion was that we were right. Demand for a truly secure database is greater than ever. And since the technological possibilities of the 21st century allow this, we decided to take our chance. We’ve contacted professionals who helped us with preliminary estimates and by that time we were confident this idea would be our new goal.