Our innovativeness lies on the surface of the Moon. Literally.

About ShootCapsule

ShootCapsule is a Poland-based startup giving individual people as well as companies from all over the world an opportunity to back up their data on our server and send it in the first digital time capsule. Our innovativeness lies on the surface of the Moon. Literally.

We may seem a little eccentric but we really do believe in our mission. Our team does not follow any path, we choose the way we work and we really enjoy it. We want to make a difference and we know that it’s possible with your help.

Why the Moon?

Building bases on and around the Moon is one of the most crucial stages in the colonisation of space. It is estimated they should be ready before the end of 2030.

Long-term thinking about the exploration and future colonisation of space must involve activities strictly related to our natural satellite. There are some significant benefits involved. Just take the huge number of valuable elements that can be found in regolith. The most important of them all – the He-3 isotope – can be used in many different ways. Primarily, it is a source of a highly valuable fuel, but industry, medicine and many other areas of life may benefit from it as well. Its potential is simply enormous.

With the colonisation of space in mind, one also cannot forget about the possibility of making a good use of the Moon’s surface. Due to its very low gravity, the costs associated with launching space ships from its surface would be reduced several times.

These are just a few of many new possibilities our natural satellite and its surroundings can offer, that’s why we’re convinced our closest future is strongly connected with the Moon.

What do we do exactly?

Our actions are based on two types of business activities: setting up the first data server on the Moon and creating the 21st century’s testimony in the form of a digital time capsule. The former is strictly connected with new technologies and our passion for developing new solutions for businesses from around the world. The latter is based on our wish to leave something for future generations – our desire is to create a monument of the digitization era.

With ShootCapsule, we are able to bring together every culture, religion, nation, tradition, society and generation. As a team, we are proud that our project is innovative and one of a kind. We desire to share the mankind’s testimony with future generations and create something that will last for ages.

People behind the project