About the capsule

The revolutionary project of the ShootCapsule is based on creating the one and only digital time capsule which will help people fulfill their dream of going to Space. Main goal of our digital capsule? Leaving a mark for the next generations. All the data will be stored in the digital time capsule on the Moon until the moment of opening. At the turn of the 2017 and 2018, we are gonna shoot capsule by using our own rocket dedicated to this very project.

Want to know us a little better? Here's our story.

What about us?

Ever dreamt of leaving mark on the moon? We surely have. With a little help from us, now you can share your story with the future. And the moon.

  1. What’s your story?

    Gather your best memories, share your ideas, say something important. This is YOUR space in space.

  2. Prepare your capsule

    Now you can upload your files. We ensure you — your story will be safe with us.

  3. Let the journey begin!

    Your capsule will fly to the Moon. Now you can feel like an astronaut.

Capsule status

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    Space explorers

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Create your capsule

  • Destination: Moon
  • Valid: Forever
  • Starting at: $0.99